Caretta Caretta


Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta Caretta) lives in the seas. He will never come to the land except to lay eggs. The back side is reddish brown and the lower side is whitish pale yellow color. The legs have a shovel shape to gain swim skills, and the outer edges have a maximum of 2 claws. They gain Oxygen from the water surface but can remain under water for a serious long time. They bury their eggs in the beach pits they open at night. It can drop between 100-150 eggs at a time (162 has been officially noticed). After the 2-month incubation period, the babies leave the egg at night and go instinct to the sea.

It has spread to the Mediterranean coasts. The most important spawning area is the Yumurtalık district of Adana, followed by Belek, Anamur, Köyceğiz and Dalyan. The Turkish coast is the second largest spawning ground of the Caretta Caretta in the World. In recent years in Dalyan / Köyceğiz 900, Belek 1000 and Anamur 1100 pieces approximately 3000 nests have been identified and taken under protection. The shell can grow up to 1 meter in length. It fed with fish, crustaceans and water algae (especially jellyfish). They are thought to be on Earth for aprx. 106 million years. Due to human settlement and multiplication capacity and light pollution, numbers are gradually decreasing. It is kept under protection because it is under extinction.