About Dalyan


Dalyan is a neighborhood connected to the district of Ortaca of Mugla Province. Köyceğiz Lake fishpond (Generally called Dalyan in Turkey) is in this town. Dalyan is located on the main channel, which connects “Köyceğiz Lake” to the “Mediterranean Sea.” The Iztuzu beach is the place, where the channel of Dalyan reaches to the sea, is one of the shores that the sea turtles “Caretta Caretta” leave their eggs. The ancient city of Kaunos is also in Dalyan.

Population of the town is around 8,000. Although Dalyan is close to many tourism centers, it is less developed in terms of tourism because it is 12 km away from the main road. As it can be understood from the name, primary income of Dalyan was from fishing and secondary was from cotton in the past years. Today, the most important economic activity is tourism. Dalyan has more than 100 inns, over 20 restaurants, many travel agencies and shopping places.

Dalyan can be visited in spring, summer and winter because of the mild climate as many Mediterranean cities. However, the best season for having a touristic visit to Dalyan is from June to July, which is the spawning season of the Caretta Carettas. These months are more enjoyable in terms of tourism due to the boost in the population of the city.