Dalyan Legend


According to the legend, the King of Karya, son of Apollon had twins, the name Caunos was given to the boy and Byblis to the girl. The twins fell in love with each other. However, Byblis’s love for her brother became so great she could not bear to be apart from him for a moment. One day Byblis put her most intimate feelings in a love letter to her brother.

. Caunos felt ashamed and worried about its content, the only solution he felt was appropriate was to leave the city. He left with his partisans and formed the city of Caunos where he settled fort he rest of his days. Bibylis became distraught and heartbroken when she heard the news, and ran to the mountains to search for him, when she realized she would never see her brother again, her pain was so great she committed suicide by jumping from the cliff top.Nympes (the goddes of spring water) showed mercy on Byblis and turned her into a spring. Legend states that the Calbis River (now Dalaman River) was formed from Byblis’s tears.