SPA, Salus Aquam, means Health from Water. There are two styles in the world, the French style and the German style.

The definition of spa is the care that is made with healing waters. Although the spa market is well developed in the world, it is a newly developing sector in Turkey. Apparently, spa has a different meaning in each country of the world, but the common point of each is the “beauty” and what the concept of beauty means in the Culture of that Country.

Spa is a rapidly developing concept and continues to take part in resort and hotel complexes in many parts of the world. The features that distinguish spa centers from other centers start from the entrance of the place. It offers mental and physical services to the person, who comes to the center, including cosmetics, music system, and decor, from fragrant candle to light system.

Spa customers generally prefer Body Care Programs. This care, which is applied by a massage technique with a combination of relaxing aroma oils with salt body peeling, provides both physical and spiritual relief. The massage oil content with citrus flavors accelerates the circulation of the blood and provides vitality of the body. The salt body peeling purifies from the dead skin. It makes the powdery sea breeze thick with water and allows application to the body.

Spa Massage Oil

After the person is bandaged with stretch film and laid down to the Dermolife device, vibrations accelerate the blood circulation and the aroma steam sprayed by the device purifies the body from toxins. The different color REFLECTIONS available on the device provide color therapy and allow the person to take a rest and relax in a spiritual way. Another method is the sea salt and moss. They contain pre-ingredients that are rich in minerals and at the same time increase elasticity, which is the skin protein in their content. For this reason, you should pay close attention to such practices in the centers where you are a member. The purpose of all these applications is to adjust the water and salt balance of the body, to give energy to the body, to eliminate tiredness and pain, and to restore the elastin, which is skin protein.

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